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* Please Note:
We do not sell patterns.




   ***School Length Requirement: Must fall below the knee.

When measuring for length do this at the SIDE from waist to bottom of desired hem length. There is a minimal hem, ordering 1" below the knee would assure not having to order due to growth for this school year. Note; this fabric is pre-shrunk.

Our patterns are made with the HIP measurement in mind it is important to order according to HIP measurement (perhaps not the size you would normally order), leaving instructions for change in waist or length if necessary.

** If you find you need to order a ladies size to accomadate the hip measure but this is for a 'stocky' young girl be sure to mention LOW waist so that we can shorten the drop and pleat so that they do not hang to low (which would cause undue stress to the pleat area.

**Any questions? Mention your school and contact us at e-mail

** Once you choose your size considering the HIP measurement let me know if there is a change needed in the waist or length according to the size you order.

**Below each chart there is a length allowed regardless of size picked (in that chart range) before having to pay for additional inches. ($1 per inch) If needed, this is done after placing your order in the cart, simply click CONTINUE SHOPPING in the cart, retun here and add the cost on page near the bottom.

** Feel free to order any of our other garments and fabric choices within the same shopping cart, you can simply return back from cart as often as needed.

****Remember length will be as the size/chart says unless you tell me otherwise. Before adding additional fees for added length, note the allowed length below each size chart since each chart allows additional inches w/o cost in many cases.

A separate window will open for handy reference
This would be for prints/colors outside of your school order if desired.

Toddlers-$11.00 1T 2T 3T
Waist 19" 20" 20.5-21"
Hips -Order Accordingly up to 24" up to 24" up to 24"
Finished Length (top to bottom) 13" 13" 13"
*Up to 15" w/o added expense. *As long as your toddler falls below the 24" HIP I can make adjustments for the waist and length as needed. A 'small' 4&5 yr old should not order toddler size. The waist to her bottom will be way to short! Better to go with the 4/5 and make adjustments on waist if necessary.

Girls-$20.00 4/5 6/7 8/10 12/14
Waist 21-21.5 22-23 23.5-24.5 25-26.5
Hips -Order Accordingly 23.5-25 26-27 28-30 31-34
Finished Length (top to bottom) 16* 18* 20* 24*
*All girls culottes can be requested shorter than chart or up to 24" length w/o added expense.
Trying to decide between a girls 12/14 and a ladies x-small? Although the hip may measure in the same range keep in mind that the ladies will have a deeper drop for the crotch area and the pleat will also be longer.

Ladies-$23.00 x-small Small Medium Large
Waist 24-25 26-28 29-31 32-34
Hips Order Accordingly 32-33 34-37 38-41 42-44
Finished Length 24* 25* 26* 27*
*All ladies culottes can be requested shorter than chart or up to 27" length w/o added expense.
Remember to go with Hip measure, NOT waist, we will adjust the waist to whatever you mention if there is a difference from the waist range given.

Ladies Plus-$28.00 Our 16W Our 18W Our 20W Our 22W Our 24W Our 26W
Waist 36-38 39-40 41-42 44 46 48
Hips Order Accordingly 45-46 47-48 49-50 51-52 53-54 55-56
Finished Length 26* 26* 26* 26* 26* 26*
*All ladies plus culottes can be requested shorter than chart or up to 27" length w/o added expense.
Often times the plus sizes are for shorter gals, IF that is the case you might want to consider saying low waist, they will still be worn at the natural waist but will have a shortened pleat and drop in crotch area to accomidate the 'shortness' of the individual. Do not do this if the clothes you normally buy fit okay.

Please Choose One:  


Color and or fabric choice(s),:  

Please Choose A Style:  
Only box pleat allowed for school

Natural or Low Waist?:  

Denim or Twill additional cost
toddler: will add $1.00
girls: will add $3.00
ladies; will add $3.00
ladies plus; will add $5.00

Length or Waist changes & Notes::  


IF you added addtional length click CONTINUE SHOPPING in the cart and purchase below:

please purchase your inches below once you return from the shopping cart;

1" = $1.00
Use drop down to add up inches

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