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       My name is Chris (aka Momof9 - because we have 9 children, 5 girls and 4 boys). I'm a homeschooling mom of only 1 now; this year Joshua is in the 8th grade! Our oldest three are married and have blessed us with 5 wonderful grandchildren. Craig and Erin live close by which is a real blessing, we are able to enjoy watching their children Hudson, Grace, Peter and Faith grow, and grow and grow lol. Laura lives in the Chicago area, she and Paul and our grandaughter Gillian are expecting an addition come May - we are all VERY excited to welcome Madalyn into the family. Our third oldest Elisabeth, now graduated from Golden State Baptist College is currently filling a position as Director of Admissions as well as teaching at the college and NVBC's school. She married Jared in August. Our son Caleb is in his last year, and right after graduation will be getting married to a beautiful godly young lady! Josiah has just begun his first year there where both are studying in pastoral studies, while getting in as much music as possible. Although it is far away there is comfort in knowing they are in a wonderful place! God is doing a great work there! Anna and Sarah both live here at home and hold full time positions while being very active in our singles department at churh. Abigail having graduated now has joined me in sewing and is doing very well.

       We are a busy family! We live in Tecumseh, Michigan and attend Hope Baptist Church in Toledo Ohio. I have prayed about starting up a home based sewing business for a few years and the timing just never seemed right. Our youngest is now 13 and the 'season' seems to be upon me.

       I have a burden for those that desire to have modest clothing, it is so hard to find ANY in the stores and the need seems to be getting stronger and stronger according to the e-mail I get. Back when my girls were young I had to make nearly all of their clothing for this very reason. I go to shop now for my grandaughter and come home frustrated every time! In time I plan to add dresses, and jumpers and more!. I am so thankful to have my husband's support in this! What a guy!! Im so very greatful to my wonderful Saviour, for he is worthy!

       More can be learned about the issue of modesty and my heart at

Mom of 9's Place - Delight thyself also in the Lord

Till I see you here, there, or in the air , I remain, sincerely yours and SECURELY HIS
Chris 2005-6

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