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How long will my order take?

Please allow 2-3 weeks shipping time

If for any reason it will take longer than the 3 weeks I will let you know. An e-mail will be sent through paypal (not from me) when I ship.

*Bulk orders for schools will take a bit longer most likely depending on how many orders we are filling at the time.

What size should I order?

This is the most important thing to understand before ordering! All of my patterns were created to go by the hip measurement. Forget what you normally would purchase or pattern size you would normally buy. To get the right fit you MUST go by the hip.

What if my waist is different than the chart has for the size I decide on?

Easy fix! Just make note of that to me when ordering and the adjustment will be made.

What do you mean by low or loose waist - and what will you do differently?
Nowadays ladies and girls seem to like to wear their garments below the natural waistline, nearly on the hips. If you do say low waist I will take off a couple inches from the top, thus shortening the pleat so when worn low like that the pleats do not hang down so low which in turn prevents tearing at the pleat line because of Unnatural stress to the pleat itself.

When ordering LOW WAIST it would be best to give me that new 'waist' measurement, if you do not I will simply add a few inches to the charted waist for that size to accommodate.

If you like to have your clothes fit looser at the waist then please be sure to either give me a larger waist size or say loose waist - if you do not specify in inches I will add an inch to the charted size.

What if I want them longer or shorter than the chart has for the size I need?

Not a problem, culottes, skirlots, slips, have charted lengths that I will go by if you do not specify a different length desired. For instance, you can go as low as you want to a specified on the chart length without an extra fee with the ladies culottes. Skirts and Jumpers work the same way. Look below the size charts, there is a 'up to' number that you can take advantage of. If you do want longer than what is offered, you can order additional length for $1 per inch. I have tried to take into consideration the desire for longer lengths on my charts.

Do you put pockets in your garments?

No sorry! It is all I can do to keep up now!!!

Do you offer patterns for sale?

No sorry again! I have created these patterns myself from an old pair that one of my girls had and would not have a clue as to how to reproduce them for sale. The skirlot is also a homemade pattern. Right now all of my patterns are made out of upholstery fabric, one for each size.

Does the price include the fabric of my choice?
Certainly! There are prints, solids and denim to choose from.

What is your denim like?
I searched for a while to find denim that I could keep in stock and that would work year round. Our denim is a dark blue (indigo) and can be considered light/medium weight, in 100% cotton. Be sure to check the print section to see if I have any printed denim on hand too. Denim comes from the mill PRE SHRUNK but NOT Pre Washed. once you know it fits it is best to wash before wearing the first time and I suggest with like colors ;-)

Will my denim shrink?

See above

What about your cotton prints?

Ahhhh very popular! I do my best to get a variety of colors to accommodate all tastes. They were popular with my girls because they liked making 'outfits' (still do like to go to my "stock" to whip up a skirt or skirlot) and popular with me because they wash and wear nicely. I do not pre-wash these so a slight shrinkage (maybe 3%) is possible. I usually will add an additional 1- 1.5 on to allow for that. We just throw them in with our regular wash of colors and dry with no extra care. The really bright colors you might want to wash in only cold water to avoid any fading over the course of years of washing. I do pre-wash the homespun plaids because I learned they do tend to shrink more.

Are all prints 100%cotton?

Pretty much,and if they are not that will be noted on the fabric choice display itself. There are usually some blends or 100 polys in the print choices. (clearly marked as such)

What do you mean by Cotton Blend?

The hardest thing to do is explain fabrics. Our solids are a high quality Lexington Poplin, GREAT fabric. The 'blend' is 65 poly-35 cotton. This fabric is used for uniforms, like hospital scrubs and schools. My goal was to find a variety of colors, durable and of course easy care in my fabrics. To put it simply, I do not purchase any fabrics that I would not consider for my own family (longevity and care wise). All my poplins are also available for Bulk orders. They are 100% re-order available for year after year. There are many colors available - if you do not see what you need for schools/teams etc please contact me with your need.

What about twills?

Like the poplins our twills are re-orderable which makes the colors and fabrics great for year after year to provide for your schools and teams year after year. They are a 65/35 poly/cotton blend like the poplin but with a bit more weight, this is another year round fabric. Of course they are available for ALL orders also. For whatever reason it is stiffer before its first wash, but does soften up nicely after washings. It is a nice fabric content but my personal preference is our poplin!


Yes, that can be worked out also. However, consider the following:

1.You have to pay shipping cost of the fabric to me and also the shipping for me getting it back to you.
2. COST:
$15.00 for culottes regardless of size.
$18.00 for skirlots regardless of size, we will provide the shorts fabric that goes underneath.
This can be done by e-mail.
Advise me on the garment(s) desired, size (or measurements),and length and I will get back to you with the amount of fabric needed. I will get back to you with a total as well and you can pay directly to paypal with the 'how to' I'll send you or you can send a check/money order with your fabric. Once received and the check clears I will place your order in our 'to do' and you can expect your order to be shipped within the regular 2-3 week time frame (from the time your payment and fabric arrive.

Do you actually sew all the garments yourself or do you 'farm' out the work?
I'm pleased to say that my daughter Abigail has joined me in this ministry. She is doing an excellent job and we work very closely together to meet the needs of each order. I do all the sizing and cutting and from there together we sew and ship. Nothing is farmed out, all are custom designed and sewn by us.

What is your return policy?

I really want to be sure you 'get' this ladies, I want to be fair and I ask you to be considerate. Order according to your hip measurements, be careful to leave me any special instructions that will help me get the fit you are looking for. If your waist is different tell me, if you wear low waisted tell me, if you want a different length tell me. If you are really not sure of ordering a particular size please do not order 5 and then want to return them all because you ordered wrong. Anything you send back to me for exchange or refund may not be needed by someone else, and therefore it is a total loss to me. I keep my prices as low as possible to accommodate your needs and would hate to have to raise them to cover losses.

We will gladly refund or exchange any garment you find to be faulty in workmanship, including all shipping charges; to this day I'm very pleased to say this has never happened.

Why are shipping costs so high?

I have to say first off that I detest shopping on-line because of shipping costs. Until I began this ministry I didn't really understand the why of it all, and now I do. I have chosen usps priority shipping to be able to get you your order ASAP as well as I am allowed tracking with PayPal which helps to assure your order arrives in a timely fashion. I do try to keep things within a reasonable cost frame. Pray along with me that the postal service will stop raising their fees! I will also refund to those that have a paypal account when you have paid 3.00 or more above what was needed to ship.

I don't have a paypal account can I still order from you?
Yes, you sure can. Pay Pal has made it possible to order through them with your credit card, debit card, and e-checks without being registered with them. You will have these options once you get to the payment portion of your ordering. I have found them to be excellent in all ways.

Can I order with you directly by sending a check or money-order to your home?

Yes, however, there are some things to be aware of if you want to do this:

1. You must do this by confirming with me your order. Send me exactly what you would like to order including any special instructions and I will in turn send you an e-mail with the total including shipping and my mailing address.
2. Understand that this will delay your order from getting to you. I will wait for the check to arrive, cash and clear. Once it has It will then be the 2-3 week time frame

Why do you ask for a phone number?

It is an optional request. Why do I ask? Simply because many of you do not check your emails! There are times I may have questions about your orders. Possibly fabric has run out and I need you to consider another choice, things like that, you not responding to e-mail extends the time frame for me getting them done and sent out to you. You are not required to give a phone number at the time of ordering but if you do not, please be sure to check your email registered with paypal and if its not one you normally check add a new one for me in your order. I can't fill your order sometimes because I need to get in touch with you!

INTERNATIONAL ORDERS -- REQUIRE a phone number on the custom form I have to fill out.

Do you ship International Orders?

I have done my best to set the shipping according to what internationl pkgs cost when it comes to the flat rate envelopes and boxes. If your package will cost more it will not be sent out until that additional payment is made.

All custom fees will be your responsibility, There are also no returns with international shipments.

Why don't you have your phone number listed?

Because I'm busy sewing (smiles) 2005-6

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