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* Please Note:
We do not sell patterns.

ATTENTION: Please get your orders in ASAP.
Generally speaking large orders of 20 or more will take 3-4 weeks minimum.
We simply can not RUSH a bulk order of many.

     We have taken and filled many many orders for school/church/camp/tour/team/chorale/etc. Orders for as few as 5 and up to 242 to date! Prices are still the same as if you were ordering for one, this includes waist adjustments, length adjustments and so on. There is an additional charge of $1 per inch per garment for added length past the charts allowance. Any order over $200.00 - free shipping. Our indigo Denim, twills, and poplins are all available for bulk orders. If you do not see a color you need please contact me there are several other colors available that we can order in the twill and poplin. Both fabrics are a wonderful easy care 65/35 poly cotton blend.

The best part about these fabrics is that they are re-orderable! New students, size changes etc. will not be a problem at all.

There are three ways to go about placing a bulk order.

In order to provide you with garments that fit you must order according to HIP measurements regardless of the size the person wears. Help with sizing.

Please understand that there are no refunds or exchanges on bulk orders, exception to this rule would be faulty workmanship (which we have never had a problem with), therefore order by HIP measurement.

1. You contact me with the type of garment you want along with measureing each and then mail me a list with first name, waist,hip,and length desired for each. I will do the figureing and get back to you with a total for the entire order. Once you agree and pay with either a check/money order by mail, OR through PayPal directly (I will give you the info to do so) we can then order fabric if necessary or begin cutting! At the time you place the order we will give you our best guess as to the time frame. Normally 3-4 weeks unless fabric is not on hand and it has to be ordered.

2. Another option: You can decide on the garment(s), color(s), and fabric you would like your group to have and we can set up a special section just for you so they can order individually. Any specific regulations you want mentioned will also be posted on your 'section'.


Easy Form To get this started

3. Finally you can use our charts to figure all the sizes out yourself and then send me a list of first name, size, any waist/length instructions that may be different from chart. I will get back to you with a total and the time frame you can expect them back.

Waiting to hear from you ..


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