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We do not sell patterns.

Please note: if you do not specify Twill they will be made in Poplin

basketball, volleyball, baseball

Questions Answered

        **If you are interested in this style in another print or color you can order off the box pleat culotte pages and simply use the drop down option for the gathered culotte..

        I think the easiest way to describe these is to say that they are very full shorts .. I 'A-line' them out a bit but not to much, extra fabric is added to give them a fuller look. As with my other culottes these are made with a comfortable elastic waist for pull-on ease!

        I will be honest and tell you that I never used this type of pattern with my girls. They did all of the above mentioned in the box pleat culottes. However, since many schools and even families are asking for a full gathered culotte rather than pleated I have decided to offer them at this time, mostly to meet the needs of team sports. The plus side to these are that you can get the length you need, in the colors you need, the stores certainly do not offer that! 2005-9

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