Modest Apparel for Girls and Ladies
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* Please Note:
We do not sell patterns.

A-line Skirt TWILL

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Please allow 2-3 weeks for orders to be shipped.

   Grace Baptist Academy offers two color choices for skirts, Khaki and Navy Twill, be sure when ordering to decide according to the HIP measurement. There is space provided for any additional instructions and comments.

Little girls-$14.00 2/3 4/5 6/7
Waist 20-20.5 21-21.5 22-23
Hips -Order Accordingly up to 24" 24-25 26-27
Finished Length (top to bottom) 17* 19* 21*
*All little girls skirts can be requested shorter than chart or up to 21" w/o added expense..

Girls-$18.00 8/10 12/14 16 18
Waist 23.5-24.5 25-26 26.5-27.5 28-29
Hips -Order Accordingly 28-30 31-32.5 33-34 35-36
Finished Length (top to bottom) 25* 26* 27* 27*
*All girls skirts can be requested shorter than chart or up to 27" w/o added expense.

Ladies-$23.00 x-small Small Medium Large
Waist 24-25 26-28 29-31 32-34
Hips Order Accordingly 32-33.5 34-37 38-41 42-44
Finished Length 35 35 35 35
*All ladies skirts can be requested shorter than and up to 35" w/o added expense, additional length can be purchased at $1 per inch.

   Remember that the school requires mid-calf, it is important to order according to the HIP measurement, please request waist or length change when ordering. There is space for any comments or instructions you want to leave with me. Happy Shopping!

Please Choose One:  


Navy or Khaki Twill?:  

Length or Waist changes & Notes::  



If you requested additional length while ordering,
please purchase your inches below;

1" = $1.00
Use drop down to add up inches

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