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* Please Note:
We do not sell patterns.

All of our garments are made to order, there is no stock we pull from. My patterns for skirlots,skirts,culottes, bloomers, slips were all made based on the HIP measurement. Jumpers by the bust measurement. Please order off the charts with that in mind.

Abby and I are in the midst of our Bible Conference and Teen Camp. All orders placed today (Saturday June 15) through June 28th will be shipped on Monday July 8th, with our priority shipping you will have in 2-3 days), past this we are back on the 2 week time table.

Unless we contact you with a problem about your order

*Please note: All orders are sent with USPS tracking, unless otherwise notified the order will be sent to the address on your payment with PayPal.

       I have decided to go with PayPal since they make things oh so easy! You enter your mailing address so no room for my making a mistake in typing (smiles). You do not have to have an account with PayPal. You can pay by paypal money if you are a member and if not you can pay by all major debit/credit cards.

        I have tried my best to cover all needs when it comes to shipping, because of the different weights of fabrics it will vary. If you pay 3.00 or more than it costs me to ship your order I will refund through PayPal (sorry only those with an account for this refund)

Shipping Fees-within the United States *Priority Mail*
  • Up to -$45.00...$6.50
  • $45.01-90.00....$9.50
  • $90.01-145.00....$12.50
  • $145.01-$199.00...$16.20
  • $199.01- and up..FREE

Do you ship International Orders?

Yes I have just made adjustments for international orders concerning shipping fees. I will still ship priority with their flat rate envelopes and flat rate boxes. Please be sure that your email is current in case you are charged to much or not enough, I may need to contact you to process your order.


  • Up to -$25.00...$10.00
  • $25.01-70.00....$24.00
  • $70.01-90.00....$30.00
  • $90.01-$120.00...$40.000
  • $121.01 and above - you will be charged 50.00 if more is required I will contact you before your order can be processed.

All Other Countries outside of the USA
To be paid in US monies

  • Up to -$25.00...$12.50
  • $25.01-90.00....$40.00
  • $90.01-120.00....$51.00
  • $120.01 and above -you will be charged 64.00 if more is required I will contact you before your order can be processed.
  • $121.01-

All custom fees on your end will be your responsibility, There are no returns/exchanges with international shipments.

I am REQUIRED to have your phone number on the custom form. You will be able to add that during checkout. 2005-9

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