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IMPORTANT: I have created the pattern for these culottes, skirlots and skirts by based on the hip measurement alone. This may seem like a lot of work for you but it is the best way to get the correct fit (regardless of what size it lands you in) This also applies to SKIRTS.

1. YOUR SIZE -- Take your hip measurement, this is usually about 8-9" from your waist. (the fullest part of your hip). Match it with the hip measurement on our chart, this is the size culotte you want to order.

2. YOUR WAIST -- Sometimes the waist will differ vastly on the chart with the size you need to order. Larger or smaller is not a problem. Just make mention of it and I will make the necessary alterations.

LOW WAIST?All of our garments are made to be worn at the natural waistline, however, you can request them to be low waist, when you do I will lower from the top which will bring the pleat up and the inside up for a nicer and more comforable fit. If you do mention low waist .. you can if you like give me that new waist measurement, if you do not - I will simply add an inch or so on to the waist.

IF you are ordering a ladies size for a girl, or you are SHORT WAISTED: Be sure to note that in the instructions. I will make adjustment to the pleat so that it doesnt come down to far on the garment which will result in damage to the pleat. My adjustments in this area will also bring up the crotch area so that it does not hang down to low. HIGH WAISTED? mention this also I will make adjustments for a more comfortable fit.

3. YOUR LENGTH -- It's easy to take, simply measure (at your side) from your waist to desired length. Another way is to take a garment you already have in a length you love and measure that, again, from waistband to bottom of hem down the side of the garment. *My charts have finished lengths for each size, this is what your length will be unless you want to change it. Below each cart is a *up to maximum, you can say less - or - purchase additional inches.

FYI: Culotte length: With sports or swimming many like to get at or just above the knee, Ive had many ask me how long SHOULD they be? It is all personal preferance, however, the "general" rule for culottes are is 1 to 2 inches below the knee. *These do not ride up when you sit down.
Skirlot length Pretty much same as mentioned for culottes, however, you want to remember that if you want them really long - that means really long shorts underneath, to me that just sounds way to warm and cumbersome LOL .. so what many do is ask that the shorts be less in length (above, just below or at the knee). When doing this they ask for the side slits to be closed since there is no 'fabric' there to be seen behind it.

JUMPERSIt is important to choose a jumper size first based on the chest measurement. My jumpers allow 2-3" of ease in this area when finished. To decide on the length you need measure from the top of shoulder down the back to bottom. Another great way is to measure a dress/jumper you have that is a length you like and while on the hanger measure from top of shoulder to hem. 2005-6

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